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Poor Northern Villagers Lack Merit Money and Water
« on: August 31, 2012, 06:35:12 PM »
Sanklang villagers in the northern province of Phrae have had their water supply cut off by the village leader after being unable to pay enough money to do merit. The governor of the province has ordered an investigation into the matter.

PHRAE – August 30, 2012 [PDN]: the governor of Phrae has ordered an investigation into why the village people in moo 9, tambon Padang, Muang ,Phrae, had their water supply cut off for two weeks by the leader of the village community.

The villagers also said they were not allowed to gather in groups of more than five people to talk about the problem or criticize the community leader for what was happening.

The governor of Prae, Mr.Kasem Wattanatham, has ordered an investigation of the problem.

A village resident, Mr. Sangad Taklom, age 53, living at 171/1 Moo 9, tambon Padang, amphoe Muang, Phrae, said that the people in the community had always been being forced to pay money for merit.

Mr. Sangad said when he could not pay the 2,000 baht to do the merit, his water supply was cut off. Since he had a newborn grandchild, he needed to use fresh water all the time.

His neighbor felt pity at his plight, and helped by connecting their pipes to send water to his house. However, his helpful neighbor then got threatened that he would be fined 60 times.

Since his neighbors were afraid to help him, Mr. Sangad had to bring his motorcycle to finance to find money. The community committee fined him 4,000 baht, with 2000 for doing merits, and another 2,000 for the fine. Then they came to his home equipped with water meter tools and opened his water supply.
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