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IN Channel
« on: December 21, 2012, 08:30:12 AM »
IN Channel is a Thai channel at 90 in True Visions. It's an English speaking channel showing imported programmes.

What's of interest is the news broadcast which I see at 7.00am if I'm so inclined at that time of day. It's quality of presentation is a little better than that of the old TAN Channel but not a lot. We are still faced with two young ladies in front of a gaudy backdrop filling in time by discussing their opinions more then reading the sparse news. But therein lies the interest.

The presenters aren't shy to criticise Ministers. The other day, one of them wondered whether an unqualified person should run any government Ministry, let alone up to 9. The ladies must have had some education in the West because they have some skill in the noble art of sarcasm. The Deputy PM was praised the other day for his skillful handling of the Bangkok floods.