Author Topic: Thai workers' Xmas party goes with a bang ♦ hand grenade  (Read 372 times)

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Thai workers' Xmas party goes with a bang after colleagues start fighting with glass, bottles and even a HAND GRENADE

•Thirty people - many of them women -  were injured in the bloody fight
•One is still in a critical condition

A mass brawl has erupted at an office party in Thailand, leaving 30 people injured.

The party goers - men and women - needed urgent medical treatment after they were attacked with glasses, bottles and even homemade grenades.
AutoAlliance Thailand, a joint venture between Ford Motor Company and Japan's Mazda Motor Corporation, threw the party for its 4,000 staff at a restaurant in Chonburi, 100 km (63 miles) southeast of Bangkok.

'They were eating and many people were drunk,' said a police officer who went to the restaurant to help restore order.

'Things got out of hand when some men threw bottles at each other.'
The Bangkok Post newspaper said the brawl started in front of a stage as prizes were being handed out.

It was not clear what sparked it, but the chaos quickly spread as glasses and other missiles were thrown.

Gunshots were heard and some people reported seeing a home-made hand grenade launched.

More than 30 people have been injured  - many of them women - and one is in critical condition.

'We have incidents like this every year,' said the police officer, who declined to be identified.
Pattaya Daily News reports that there were only 10 police officers from the Borwin police station assigned to the party.
But the outnumbered officers could not enter the rented hall to stop the fighting because of the sheer size of the crowds.
All they could do was wait outside to assist the people escaping from the facility.
The rescue officers had to draw on outside forces of rescuers from Amphur Baan Beung, Amphur Sriracha and Amphur Pluakdaeng to assist the injured people and help transport most of them to the Phayathai hospital in Sriracha.
One of the victims is reported to have been badly injured in the stomach by the pieces of shrapnel from the 'exploding grenade'.
More than 400 tables of food and dishes were all damaged in the chaos..
Police officers ave visited the hospital to question the injured victims and are still trying to piece together the information about how the trouble started.

AutoAlliance spokesmen were not available for comment but they are reported to have shown their sympathy for the injured and have visited the injured employees in the hospitals.

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