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Man charged THB2,000 for sitting too long at Ratchada coffee shop

A Facebook user cried for help online after being charged THB2,000 extra for enjoying his coffee for too long at a Ratchada Road cafe.

Atipoj Srisukhin posted a snapshot of his receipt from Asian franchise coffee shop “Boncafe” outside the Muang Thai Insurance building where he had to pay THB2,260 for a few cups of coffee.

His latte, Americano and Jasmine Green Tea only came to THB35 - 65 each, but little did he know, sitting in the cafe was THB1,000 an hour. The fee was listed on top of the receipt as “open food.”

"We were a group of four and discussed business normally," Atipoj wrote. "When we asked for the check, the employee said they'd like to charge us THB1,000 an hour for talking business."

“This is not trade, it’s a robbery.” user Yui Mom-Ploy commented.

BonCafe Thailand posted a statement at noon today admitting the company did issue this ridiculous receipt but let Atipoj off with a warning.

"We have a policy that customers may not use our coffee shop for business meetings or direct sales meeting." the statement said. "We do have a sign displayed that warns about the fee, but we have never collected the fee from customers."

BonCafe’s reason is that long meetings take up the space from other customers. The company also attached a photo of a warning sign on the table as evidence.

"Regarding the case on July 8, the customers may not have noticed the sign on the table," it read. "Our employees only presented the bill and informed the customers of the rules. The customers refused to pay and we only collected for THB260 for the beverage."
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Boncafe' faces fine for charging customer for 'business talk'

The Office of the Consumer Protection Board said it has summoned the coffee shop’s manager to discuss the matter Friday, following an outcry after a customer alleged he was asked to pay THB2,000 for holding a two-hour business discussion at the Boncafe located outside the Muang Thai Insurance building,

On Wednesday, Facebook user Atipoj Srisukhin claimed he had to pay a THB2,000 fee for holding a two-hour business discussion at the cafe.

If the coffee shop is found to have inadequately informed customers of the hourly rate, it will be fined THB10,000.

The business previously denied it collected the fee from Atipoj, but let him off with a warning as its policy is to not allow business and direct-sales meetings.

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Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.