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Iranian held in bombings, forgery -VIDEO
« on: June 10, 2012, 05:01:51 PM »
BANGKOK: -- An Iranian has been arrested for an alleged link to a big passport-forgery gang and to bomb blasts in Bangkok on February 14.

Police identified the suspect as Parknejed Seyed Ramin, 44.

A joint operation by various authorities, including a Canadian agency, led to his arrest in Pattaya.

Police found fake passport pages in the names of more than 3,000 people at his condominium. Evidence linking Ramin to an overseas-based gang was also found.

"Although he made just a partial confession, we have found solid evidence against him," Pol Colonel Songsak Raksaksakulsaid said at a press conference on Friday evening. He heads the Bureau of Foreign Affairs and Transnational Crime of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI).

Songsak said countries such as Canada, Britain and Australia had arrested more than 1,000 foreigners carrying fake passports produced in Thailand.

"Our investigation has revealed that an Iranian gang has used Thailand as a base in forging passports. Each fake passport costs over Bt30,000," Songsak said.

Relevant authorities believe that Ramin's gang has been in operation for no less than five years and may have already generated more than Bt90 million in income.

"The passport forgery has facilitated the operations of transnational criminals," Songsak said. "We have to crack down on such illegal activities."

The authorities also suspect Ramin played a role in the bomb blasts in Phra Khanong on February 14 this year.

Police have detained several Iranians over the explosion. One of them was arrested at the scene with serious injuries, after a bomb blew off one of his legs.
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30,000 for a forged passport? Not that imuch more than for a real UK one
More news in thai n pics
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