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Title: I've lost the thread ?
Post by: Roger on November 18, 2015, 08:54:33 PM
Which may be no surprise ...
KF's - we were talking about advice to newcomers to Thailand and 'rent don't buy', if you buy, buy a Condo or if you buy a Chanote House, put it into a Company or get a 'Usufruct' at least, and maybe not live too close to the Thai family, and shock horror, as you are going to be buying the car, insuring it, taxing it, driving it, washing it, putting the diesel in and maintaining and looking after it, why not register it in your OWN name not the Partner's. (You ARE allowed to do that ! )
There is a bit of coercion from the other half if you look after your own interests at all or properly - on the 'well you don't trust me' thrust !
Maybe you do trust her and maybe you have to assert that even though she is so gorgeous and you DO trust her, you need to get the ADMIN right of being here ....
Sorry I couldn't find the previous thread and it was good.
We can help each other and Newcomers more, by discussing this more, IMVVHO.
Title: Re: I've lost the thread ?
Post by: thaiga on November 19, 2015, 11:18:30 AM
This one roger

Do you trust your thai wife/partner   â‡©â‡©â‡© (