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How to: Double-box your stuff if you want it to arrive undamaged, Thai Post suggests, seriously

The same wisdom for venereal disease and street coffee in Bangkok should also be applied to posting parcels: Package your goods not once, but twice!

The state mailing service known for damaging, throwing, folding, and totally losing parcels came up with a smart measure to prevent all of those things from happening this morning, by suggesting all senders protect their stuff with packing their packages in another branded, cardboard box.

"How to pack a box in a box for extra damage prevention," was the subject of a Thailand Post protip explaining how to put a box in another box.

This is such a great solution, especially if you want to pay for another box and extra weight.

The useful illustration came weeks after it was proved even solid stone isn’t safe from handling by Thailand Post after film director Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit’s achievement award from a German film fest arrived to him in pieces.

The award was made of stone, and Nawapol received THB4,000 in compensation for his shattered pride.

Not everyone agrees, as the comments under the helpful how-to were filled with scorn.

One comment suggested Thailand Post should consider selling steel boxes as a solution.
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Re: ThaiPost leaves indie director’s pride in pieces
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The achievement of an independent filmmaker’s life was left shattered in pieces.

Nawapol “Ter” Thamrongrattanarit, director of “Mary is Happy, Mary is Happy,” was worried as soon as he saw the package delivered by Thailand Post containing his award from a German film festival.

Sure enough, when he opened the box, Nawapol’s worst fears were realized. They broke his award which, by the way, was made of solid stone.

"When I recieved the package, the condition of the box looked like it was dropped from an aircraft and penetrated my roof," Nawapol described. "The award is made of stone, and they broke it.”

When Nawapol was unable to attend Filmfest Hamburg earlier this month, organizers paid to ship his “New Talent Award” award to Thailand.

Apparently DHL managed to keep it in one piece across several continents, but once inside the kingdom, the plot took a dark turn in the hands of national mail carrier Thailand Post.

Nawapol said the film organization shipped via DHL and the package was handle by Thailand Post domestically.

You have our condolences, Nawapol.

The 30-year-old film director maintained his sense of humor, saying Germany should have called upon Thailand Post’s stone-breaking acumen when it needed that whole Berlin Wall taken down.

“Mary is Happy, Mary is Happy” was an experimental film based on the real tweets of a teenage girl who ran the twitter account @marylony.

The movie portrays Mary's life in her last semester in high school. It doesn’t follow a conventional story, instead it interprets her messages in re-enacted scenes.

Nowapol is only the latest victim of ThaiPost’s notoriously bad handling. The organization is routinely criticized for smashing, tearing, bending, burning, breaking and just totally losing packages.
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Re: Postman throws parcel into a bush
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Expecting a letter from your mum, girlfriend or whoever? Try searching your garden

After a Phuket Facebook user found her EMS parcel in the bush outside her office on Wednesday, she obtained CCTV footage of the rogue postman and posted it online.

The postman turned up at her house when nobody was home and decided that he should sign for the parcel and then throw it into a nearby bush..

"I found out from the CCTV footage that the postman signed as a receiver himself and threw my parcel into the bush," the user wrote, "That's awesome!."

The user, Chomnad Chanrod, added that the CCTV footage was recorded on Saturday and she discovered her parcel in her garden four days later.

According to Sanook, this morning, Thailand Post said that they have investigated the issue and suspended the postman in question.

"Thailand Post has visited this customer and apologized for our mistake. We have suspended this employee and will make sure this area's post service is processed with care. The customer has confirmed the object in her parcel is not damaged. In case your delivered-parcel is damaged, you can also submit a complaint to us. Thailand Post will issue a reimbursement if proved it is our fault.

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