Author Topic: High living cost causes highest stress among Thai people (poll)  (Read 2903 times)

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The majority of Thai people feel high cost of living is causing them mental stress, while the military junta's "Returning Happiness to the People" has helped to relieve it.

This is what the latest poll conducted by Bangkok Poll from a total of 1,194 people from all parts of the country revealed today.

The poll was conducted to mark the  World Mental Health Day which is to come on October 10.

The poll on “Stress Scaling after the Returning Happiness to the People”   scheme revealed that 66.5% of people interviewed listed high cost of living as a major cause of stress, followed by falling farm crop prices (37.3%), drug trafficking ( 36.7%), and social rifts  (33.9 %).

However the most cause of worry that is close and has impact on them is rising prices which 47.0% of people said they couldn’t make ends meet.

Other cause of stress are house and car installment payment (14.9%), and working condition ( 8.7%).

The most urgent problem they wanted the government to resolve immediately is high cost of living ( 34.7%), falling crop prices (18.2%), corruption (15.0%), crime and drugs (10.5%), political rift  (9.9%),

Asked on the satisfaction of the military junta’s Returning Happiness to the People scheme on  tackling the rising prices of goods, 57.3% said they were most satisfied with the work,  while 36.3% said they had less to least satisfaction of the matter.

As for the question of how much stress political news and political rifts have affected them, 55.5% said they didn’t feel stressful by the news and rifts as the country has returned  peaceful, while 13.5% said they remained stressful, and 31.0% said they were never pressured by this stress.

When asked further on how much stress  the military junta’s happiness scheme has pressured on them, 68.6% said they felt more relieved than previously. However 25.9% said their stress remained the same, while only 4.8% said their stress has worsened.

Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.

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Re: High living cost causes highest stress among Thai people (poll)
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2014, 04:49:22 PM »
You make me impressive.

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Re: High living cost causes highest stress among Thai people (poll)
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2014, 09:08:53 AM »
IMO I think the stress is mainly coming from all of the extended credit they have. Just look at all the new cars on the road.

You can see the difference at Tesco, at the end of the month the place is packed 15th of the month its empty.

Like I said this is just my opinion, also the reason I think Thailand is heading for big trouble.

Now please Roger dont come & tell me what its like in the UK because we are talking about Thailand,

Cheers mate & I hope you are keeping well.

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Re: High living cost causes highest stress among Thai people (poll)
« Reply #3 on: November 21, 2014, 11:04:08 AM »
Thanks KK I'm fine and wasn't going to bring the UK into it this time.
That Poll is very interesting and very wide ranging.
I too think excessive credit is risky for individuals and Nations.
Any idea what 'Demons' point is about ? Perhaps he/she can elucidate ?