Author Topic: Hard act to swallow WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT  (Read 925 times)

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Hard act to swallow WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT
« on: October 20, 2012, 10:57:09 PM »
Hard act to swallow: Brutal rituals of festival goers who force knives and guns through their own CHEEKS

•The festivities are celebrating an annual vegetarian festival in Phuket
•Devotees perform painful rituals believing it will banish evil

This is taking vegetarianism to painful new extremes.
After piercing the cheeks, lips or tongue, religious devotees thrust metal implements, often several at a time, through the holes to purify themselves in a bizarre vegetarian festival in Phuket, Thailand.
Thousands of people travel to the island each year for the festivities while the local ethnic Chinese population, about a third of Phuket’s population, abstain from meat, sex, alcohol and other vices during the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar.


Pain for purification: This religious devotee has pierced his cheek and thrust several swords through the hole as part of a vegetarian festival in Phuket

They believe that the sacred rituals will banish evil from their community and give them good luck and fortune.

Walking barefooted over hot coals, climbing ladders with bladed rungs and taking baths in hot oil are also part of the rituals done by entranced devotees. They believe being in a trance gives them supernatural powers and the ability to endure these excruciating tortures for the common good.

The festival dates back to 1825 when travelling Chinese thespians were cured of tropical fever by keeping to a strict vegetarian diet

Entranced torture: This man holds a gun poking through his cheek and metal skewers through his ears, believing his suffering banishes evil and brings good luck

Their suffering – they hope – draws evil out of the community around them and, in doing so, brings positive luck to their friends and village.
Called Prapheni Kin Jay or Prapheni Kin Phak in Thai meaning the Festival for Eating Vegetables, is on until next Wednesday.

For those who do not wish to put themselves through something that will require heavy reconstructive surgery once the party is over, there are other ways to scare off dark powers.
The firework displays that take place during the festival – including the loudest and biggest, which rounds off matters on the final night – are also deemed to fend off evil spirits through sheer force of noise.

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