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Hundreds of couples were disappointed today by a breakdown of the marriage registration system at District offices across Bangkok. A bevy of would-be newlyweds flooded the system, trying to tie the knot on the numerically curious date of “12/12/12.”

The first couple at Bangrak District office.

Couples were already queuing up this morning for marriage licenses even before Bangkok’s District offices opened their doors. The Bangrak District office, whose name literally means “Town of Love,” released marriage certificates to only 55 couples.

Thairath reported that the list of applicants was full since 8AM and that couples that could not make it on the list had to visit other offices. A Chiang Mai woman and her French husband were the first couple that succeeded in having their romance officially registered. They plan to move to France after completing their nuptials.

The system at many District offices has been broken down since early this morning, slowing down the registration process and effectively destroying the romantic atmosphere. The Department of Provincial Administration reasoned that the malfunction was due to a recent system change that was supposed to help reduce redundant applications.

The Department expressed confidence that the system would resume its operation soon and that every couple would get its long-awaited love certificate.

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