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Bright Sparks scare Bang Saen residents

Fireworks from an electricity Transformer lit up the skyline in Bang saen near Pattaya on Monday night,

Fire broke out in the high level transformer and Pubgoers scattered as the sparks set fire to advertising boards on adjacent shop fronts in the normally tranquil suburb.   The Fire Brigade was dispatched to deal with the incident and found a short circuiting, high voltage,  transformer  and the heavy Monday night rain storm hindering their progress to douse the flames.

A crowd quickly gathered to watch, perhaps having read of the fires in Phuket last month which were, at the time, reported to have been due to a similar cause.  The Phuket fire, of course, resulted in a discotheque burning to the ground and the loss of 4 lives.  In this instance, no one was injured

The Brigade took control and extinguished the flames within 20 minutes and checked all buildings close by to make sure there was nothing that might call them back later.  Local residents  believe that trees in the area may have been uprooted in the storms and fallen on power lines.    The electricity company was expected to make the transformer a priority on Tuesday morning and ensure a safe supply was quickly re-established for the neighbourhood.
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