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Title: BITEC
Post by: Taman Tun on November 27, 2014, 10:20:45 PM
Today I caught an early morning bus from Korat in order to visit a rail exhibition at BITEC (Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre.  In Bangkok I got the BTS to Bang Na as this is the nearest station.  There I got a motocy who took me on an exciting ride the wrong way down a busy road.  We entered BITEC and then went all round a perimeter road until we reached the hall where my exhibition was being held.  On the perimeter road we passed a large number of gridlocked cars apparently trying to reach the exhibition area.  The exhibition was not very interesting so I did not linger long.  I came out of the hall with the intention of getting a motocy or taxi back to Bang Na.  None were available and all the traffic was still gridlocked at barriers near the hall.  So I started walking down the road whereupon a policeman got quite agitated with me and tried to shepherd me into a car park. I had other things to do so I carried on walking (with protestations from assorted security guards). I then came close to the main entrance to BITEC and saw the place was surrounded by police motorcycles.  It became clear that a VIP was about to arrive. Not sure why it was necessary to try and stop people walking down the road.
BTEC is still much of a building site but it should be quite good when it is finished.  An airport style travelator is under construction from near Bang Na to the exhibition hall.  This should obviate the need for interesting motorcycle rides.