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Army has just one pair of blast-resistant boots
« on: July 06, 2012, 05:45:31 PM »
The entire Thai army has only one pair of blast and fragment resistant combat boots for use by troops assigned to deal with the bombs in the three southern border provinces, according to the head of the Anothai Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit.

Col Taweesak Jantrasin said during a television interview on Tuesday that the boots were donated to the army by Germany.

"I've already asked them [the army] to provide us with four or five more pair of blast-resistant combat boots of different sizes, but we have yet to get them," the EOD unit chief said.

He said he had personally checked the prices and found out that the boots were made in Singapore and were being sold to the United States Army for US$288 a pair, or about 9,216 baht. The manufacturer offers free delivery worldwide, he added.

He said an EOD soldier who stepped on a mine in Pattani would most likely not have lost his leg  if he had been wearing these boots.

Col Taweek said the Thai military also has only 11 explosive protection suits. Each suit cost about 2.5 million baht and has a use-life of five years.

According to the Advisory Council on the Administration and Development of Southern Border Provinces, the various governments have spent about 160 billion baht in total trying to quell the unrest in the far South since it erupted in January 2004, so far to no avail.

About 60,000 soldiers have been sent to the far South, to augment the police, civil servants, volunteers and the paramilitary rangers deployed there.

More than 5,000 people have been killed and over 8,400 hurt in the three southern border provinces and the four districts of Songkhla since violence erupted in January 2004, according to Deep South Watch -- an agency that monitors the conflict in the southernmost provinces.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT - A video clip, uploaded to YouTube by witshayah, shows an excerpt of Tee Sip (ตี10) television show. The clip shows a footage of an EOD officer stepping on a mine in the deep South and lost part of his left leg as a result.
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