Author Topic: 25 year old mother jumps from 6th floor ♦ British boyfriend  (Read 409 times)

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25 year old mother jumps from 6th floor balcony at Jomtien condominium

A 25 year old mother of a 3 month old baby reportedly jumped from a 6th floor apartment in Jomtien late on Monday Night following a minor verbal altercation with her British boyfriend.

Police and rescue services were called to View Talay 2 Condominium Building A to assist Khun Tubtim who was lying on the ground underneath her 6th floor apartment. Also there was her Mother, Khun Somjai aged 47 and her British boyfriend known as Mr. Tim, who explained to Police that his girlfriend had returned to the apartment just before 10pm and was in an intoxicated state after spending the evening with friends. He commented on the odor of drink coming from her and due to her emotional state which was undoubtedly exaggerated due to the level of intoxication, she apparently went out onto the balcony and jumped off.

Khun Tubtim was rushed to the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya where her injuries were described as serious.

Police are currently speaking with Mr. Tim to clarify the chain-of-events leading up to the incident.

Nobody suspects the boyfriend.  If it have been the other way, it would have been suspicious.
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