Author Topic: motopunk makes his own ‘drive-thru’ 7-Eleven ♦ video  (Read 952 times)

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ek waen' motopunk makes his own ‘drive-thru’ 7-Eleven

In what dark dystopia did accepting a good dare become a crime?

A video clip of a teenager driving a motorcycle around in a 7-Eleven convenience store in Bangkok hit the internet recently to great acclaim.

The event happened when said teenager was dared by his group of friends, so he says, to enter the convenience store on his motorbike. The biker drove in and made a trip around the store amidst the confused and irritated stares of other customers and staff.

Police said that the stunt violates the traffic and criminal code. Police said further investigation of the video, posted Sunday, will be done to identify the suspect, who could face charges of disrupting public order and not wearing a helmet.

คลิป เที่ยว 7 11 ไหม ขับวนทั่วร้าน ชาวเน็ตจวกยับ!
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