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nice story

Pattaya Police commend two boys over misplaced purse

Two boys aged 12 and 14 were commended by Pattaya Police on Tuesday for their honesty after they handed in a purse full of money which had been dropped by a motorcyclist in South Pattaya.

The boys, Master Jackgrit aged 12 and Master Waritorn aged 14 were walking home in the Pratamnuk Hill area on Tuesday Night when a motorbike passed them and the driver seemed unaware she had dropped her purse on the road. The boys shouted out to her to stop but she continued on.

Money was strewn across the street and the boys collected every last Baht and took the purse to a nearby Police Box. A Police Volunteer directed them to Pattaya Police Station where the rightful owner of the purse, Khun Wachapon aged 53, was tracked down.

When she arrived at the station it was confirmed that all her money was present and as a way of saying “thank you” to the boys she presented them with 1,000 Baht and praised their honesty as did Pattaya Police.


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