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Thailand unveils elder-friendly mini robot
« on: August 16, 2013, 02:09:23 PM »
BANGKOK, Aug 16 - Thailand's Department of Industrial Promotion has unveiled its latest mini robot designed to help take care of the elderly and patients.

The second Dinsor robot, literally translated as Pencil No 2, was carefully designed and built to assist the elderly and patients, with its special function to track motions, including the ability to model human muscles and joints. With an ability to move at ease, its arm function allows seven types of movements per arm, enabling this robot to successfully serve food, pick up objects, wave, greet, hold the telephone, as well alert the patients' guardians for emergencies.

Smaller than its previous counterpart, Dinsor Two mimics a male character, and is extremely portable. At SITEX Expo 2013, an annual exposition for industrial and technological promotions, the Robot Academy was also launched.

Panuwat Triyangkulsri, director of Supporting Industries Development Bureau, asserted that the Robot Academy focuses on the research and development of industrial robots, with particular emphasis on designing and building robots for domestic-use inside factories.

The Thai-German Institute, as well as both private and public sectors from Japan and Thailand, want to promote the course as technical know-how can shorten production time, increase efficiency of industrial production, as well as to cope with labour shortage.

At present, four major courses are open for those interested. Upon completion of the course, a certificate of completion will be presented.

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