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Residents feared what lay behind the darkness
« on: May 23, 2013, 06:50:20 PM »
The hours-long blackout on Tuesday in the strife-torn regions in three southern provinces have had a huge impact on residents who, facing daily insurgent violence, were gripped in the fear of possible terror attacks in the darkness.

With only social media and online outlets available as news sources for a minority of residents with access to the Internet, people in Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat were left in the dark literally - lacking any knowledge |of what was happening when the blackouts descended at 18.45pm after the sun set.

Acting on rumours about new attack threats by insurgents, people sped home to protect their loved ones, while their families scrounged for candles and flashlights.

Two-way radio messages from volunteer rescue workers also called on residents to stay inside and brace for what might happen.

In Narathiwat, security officials were stationed at urban areas and key locations shortly after the blackouts to guard against possible insurgent violence and to help residents with directions and to service flashlights.


They were reminded of two |incidents when insurgents blew up |a power pole in Yala in 2005 which resulted in widespread blackouts; |and during a Red Cross fair in Narathiwat in 2008 when revelers panicked and dashed around looking for a safe spot.

Last night, residents with access to Facebook, Twitter or chat application Line monitored reports and relayed stories via their mobile phones as well as through word of mouth.

Officials were tense and on guard at all security checkpoints which eventually were hooked up to generators.

After three hours the lights at the road island poles were the first to turn back on, and finally the darkness was over and a dawn arrived free of insurgent attacks.

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