Author Topic: Jilted bride demands police find groom  (Read 889 times)

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Jilted bride demands police find groom
« on: May 13, 2013, 01:42:15 PM »
A jilted bride filed a complaint with police when the groom failed to show up at their wedding ceremony in Lop Buri province on Sunday, police said.

Pol Lt Supachai Deemongkol, a duty officer at Muang Lop Buri police station, said Tatchaya Prachumsarn, 21, was still in her wedding dress when she arrived at the station. She demanded police hunt down Natchapat Olarn, 29, and take legal action against him for alleged fraud and causing her shame.

The jilted bride arrived with her mother, relatives and friends, totalling about 10 people.

Ms Tatchaya told police she and Mr Natchapat, who works at the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC), had been dating for over a year.

When Nr Natchapat asked her mother for permission to marry her daughter, the mother agreed.

Mr Natchapat offered to pay a bride price of 300,000 baht and  five baht-weight of gold. However, he asked that her mother put up the bride price first, to show at the ceremony, and he would pay her back later.

The couple then decided the wedding ceremony would be at her mother's house in Lop Buri and set the date for May 12.

Ms Tatchaya told police that she and her family and friends waited all morning for Mr Natchapat to arrive at the ceremony, but he did not show up. She called him on the phone, but there was no answer.

Ms Tatchaya and her family then went to Mr Natchapat's house and found only his parents were there. They told them they were not aware that their son was getting married and had no idea of his whereabouts.

"I'm sure Natchapat conned me. I want to take legal action against him. My family spent a lot of money to organise the ceremony and I feel ashamed, because more than 100 invitation cards were sent out," Ms Tatchaya said.

Pol Lt Supachai said investigators discovered that Mr Natchapat had already been married and divorced three times before he met Ms Tatchaya.

Police said they were searching for Mr Natchapat.   bangkokpost

kinda fell sorry for the girl
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