Author Topic: Elderly Thai Mom Abandoned By Her Daughter  (Read 1061 times)

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Elderly Thai Mom Abandoned By Her Daughter
« on: April 12, 2013, 02:32:53 PM »
A 85-year-old woman was left at a train station by her daughter and son-in-law, who said they would return to pick her up, but never came back.

The ailing woman had no money, but was able to eat after kind strangers bought her food. The police were notified, and will contact the daughter.

CHUMPORN – April 11, 2013 [PDN]; A report of an old lady waiting for a train looking sad, dirty, and carrying a piece of luggage was received by police of Langsuan police station, Chumporn. Making the report was the management authority of the train station.

An official tried to question the old lady, but she did not reply, looking absent-minded and sad, with tear stains on her cheeks. Then she revealed that she was Mrs. Thongdee Posee, 85 years old, from Tapanhin, Pijit.

The old woman said that 4 days ago, her daughter and the husband, who were balloon sellers, drove her to the station and dropped her here. Her son-in-law told her that he would pick her up in the next ten days, and they left her with one piece of luggage.

Mrs. Thongdee added that they did not leave her any money, so she just sat and slept there like they said. She had hoped that they would pick her up, because she felt hot and hungry, and has diabetes and high blood pressure. Some good citizens bought her a meal per day.

Mrs. Thongdee said she wanted to go to see her first child in Ratchaburi, but she did not have money to go. The police co-operated with the Prachabodee department, Chumporn, to help her and will contact her daughter.


Sad story, it put a tear in my eye
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