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Children die hugging as house burns
« on: May 22, 2013, 12:21:10 PM »
A dead bodies of a boy and his younger sister hugging each other were discovered after a fire at their home in Phitsanulok province on Tuesday night.

Officials said the fire was started by a candle they were using because the electricity bill had not been paid and the power was cut off.

Firefighters took about 30 minutes to control the blaze that destroyed the single-storey wooden house in Muang district.

Firemen then entered the charred house and found the bodies of Sanyapit Polnok, 13, and Natpapha Polnok, 9. They were holding each other.

Their mother, Chutikan Polnok, 39, was burned trying to rescue her children.

Mrs Chutikan told investigators power to the house was cut off because she had not paid her monthly electricity bill of 441 baht.

She said her children returned home from school and lit a candle to do their homework while she was working at a local restaurant. Her neighbour later called to tell her that her house was on fire.

The mother said she rushed back to the house to try to save her children, but it was too late.

Police said the fire was likely started by the candle after it was left unattended when the children fell asleep.


that is a really sad story. R.I.P
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Re: Children die hugging as house burns
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Oh dear, oh dear.


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Re: 5 Years Child Dead After Slipping Down A Pool
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Why are these children left alone

A 5 year-old girl went out to look for her mum in her village, as it was raining she walked up to her village’s swimming pool, little did she know that it was extremely dangerous.

When her mother looked for her, she found her daughter lying dead at the swimming pool’s

CHANTABURI – May 20, 2013 [PDN]; Police officers of Nayanam Police station were informed that a 5 year-old girl was missing since the morning hours. Residents were worried about the girl, it was suspected that the girl drowned in the village’s swimming pool. Police then went to the swimming pool and sadly found the girl in the pool. Police found her shoes floating on the surface of the water, making the police dive down to find the girl.

It took the police officers around 30 minutes to find the girl. Her parents of the girl immediately ran up to her daughter’s dead body. The girl’s mother said that before the incident she went to her uncle’s house to ask wether he could look after the girl.

When she came to pick up her daughter, she didn’t find her. She then went back to her house which was nearby her relative’s or the girl’s uncle’s house she didn’t find her daughter either. The only thing she found was her daughter’s bicycle. She then called the police and asked the local residents to help search for her 5 year-old daughter.

Initially, it’s believed that the 5 year-old girl went out to look for her mother at her house, but when she noticed that no one was home, she ran to search her mother. While she was looking for her mother it was raining heavily, which probably is the reason why she slipped at swimming pool. Police are now further investigating

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Re: Drowning leading cause of death in Thai children
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The following statistics on drowning in Thailand are from the National Injury Survey conducted by the Institute of Health Research, Chulalongkorn University:

Drowning is the leading cause of death in children aged one year and over in Thailand, causing nearly 2,650 deaths every year.

Drowning caused almost half (46 per cent) of all child deaths in the 1-4 age group.
On top of these figures, some 3,000 children nearly drown every year.

Most drowning occurs in rural areas, during the day, when mothers are busy with housework or other chores and the unsupervised child unexpectedly wanders away.

More than half (56 per cent) of all drowning deaths occur within 100 metres of the child’s home. For toddlers, this proximity is even more striking. Almost three quarters of drownings (74 per cent) occur within 100m of the home, and two in five occur within 10m of the home.

Children younger than five account for more than half of all drownings (53 per cent). These children are too young to learn to swim so prevention requires increased supervision, especially as infants develop into toddlers and outstrip a busy mother’s ability to closely supervise them.

Reducing child drowning, particularly for the under-fives, requires developing ways to increase close adult supervision as well as reducing access to drowning hazards close to home. This could be by using play pens or door barriers for very young children, and fences or other barriers around water bodies for older, more adventurous children. These measures need to be in conjunction with close supervision and swimming lessons.

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Re: Children die hugging as house burns
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Hello Thaiga.
The drowning statistics are horrendous.
A month or two ago, I was reading or listening ?? to statistics for children drowning in Bangladesh - they were horrendous - much much higher than the Thailand figure. A Charity was organising swimming lessons to help to start addressing the issue. I guess that they have more rivers, lakes and floods than in Thailand.

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Re: Children die hugging as house burns
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You'd be surprised how many Thais, adults and kids, that are not able to swim.  This a sad story and every parent's nightmare.  RIP

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Re: Children die hugging as house burns
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Internet working better now - so have looked it up.
In Bangladesh, according to sources like the BBC and Unicef - the number of Children drowning is in the region of 17,000 or 18,000 pa.
Tragic and almost unbelievable. RIP