Author Topic: WARNING counterfeit 1,000-baht bank notes ♦ how to identify genuine notes  (Read 428 times)

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Fake 1,000 baht bills easy to ID

The Bank of Thailand is warning people about fake 1,000-baht banknotes that can be identified with the naked eye.

The BOT reported that fake bills bore the serial numbers of 9ฉA 3828862 and 9ฉA 3828863 and they could be easily distinguished as they did not show the watermark of His Majesty the King.

The central bank recommended that genuine banknotes were made from special paper that were hard and durable and tolerated folding and pulling. Touches on denomination numbers of genuine notes give the feeling of friction.

The watermarks of His Majesty the King on the white space of genuine notes are noticeable on both sides. Their Thai paintings are translucent and their metallic sheens show their denomination numbers. Besides, the Arabic denominations on a corner of the bills change their colours when the notes tilt.

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