Author Topic: Ukrainian Nabbed Taking Driver’s Exam For Friend  (Read 401 times)

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Ukrainian Nabbed Taking Driver’s Exam For Friend
« on: August 15, 2012, 01:56:12 PM »
A Ukraninan man was caught trying to re-take a Driver’s Exam for a Russian friend, who had failed his earlier attempt to pass the exam. The Ukranian also could not show police a passport when he was arrested, so he is also charged with illegal entry into the kingdom.

BANGLAMUNG- August 14, 2012 [PDN]; At 5 p.m., Pol. Lt. Col. Winai Horean, investigation officer, Banglamung police station, Chonburi province; was notified of a fraud case by Mrs. Thanyarat Meesuk, officer of the transportation department, Banglamung branch, Chonburi province.

Mrs. Thanyarat said they were restraining a “Mr. Witaly,” age 24, a Ukraine national. He had been caught using altered documents to take a driving license exam for someone else.

After being notified, the officer rushed to the driver’s exam room with a police team. When they reached Mr. Witaly, they examined his documents and passport. The documents identified him as Mr. Rustam Valiev, age 28, nationality Russian.

Mrs. Thanyarat told police that on August 10, Mr. Rustam had previously applied for a driver’s license for a motorbike and car. But Mr. Rustam did not pass both the theory and the driving part. So the exam officer made an appointment with Mr. Rustam to take the exam again on August 14.

But on that date, Mr. Rustam sent Mr. Witaly to take the exam instead of him. At first the exam officer didn’t know that it was a different person because their faces were similar. But when the officer tried to ask personal information about Mr. Rustam, the defendant could not answer all his questions.

Later, the officer let Mr. Witaly enter the exam room, and then inspected his documents in greater detail. He discovered the impersonation, and notified Banglamung police to arrest the suspect.

After his arrest, Mr. Witaly confessed that he had known Mr. Rustam for many years. He told police that Mr. Rustam had asked him to take the driving license exam for him because he was too busy with his work to take the exam himself.

However, the police still didn’t believe Mr. Witaly’s claims. Upon further investigation, police discovered that Mr. Witaly did not have a passport to show the officers.

So the police restrained Mr. Witaly to prosecute in an accusation of smuggled into the kingdom without permission, as well as disguising documents and using fake documents. Police will follow up to arrest Mr. Rustam for the deception, to prosecute further according to the law.

the Russian would have a license with his friend picture on it, how did they think that was going to work
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