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Two Iranians arrested in South Pattaya, accused of theft from Money Exchange Booths

Two Iranian men accused of stealing Thai currency from Money Exchange Booths in Chonburi and Rayong Provinces have been arrested by Police. On Wednesday afternoon at Banglamung Police Station, Police Major General Jamnong, Provincial Police Commander, held a press conference to announce the arrest of Mr. Allashraf Rezamanesh Faramani aged 50 and Mr. Hamidzra Radshambayati aged 32. They were arrested in front of the Marine Plaza Hotel in South Pattaya by the Provincial Transnational Crime Suppression Unit who
were armed with arrest warrants for the men dated 7th August.

Two Iranians arrested in South Pattaya, accused of theft from Money Exchange Booths - Pattaya One

The men were known to target small independently-owned booths and those operated by Thai banks. Their method of stealing the cash would involve them requesting specific letters on the serial numbers of the Thai bank Notes which they would secretly place in their pockets and return fewer notes to the Teller than they had received. They would then exchange the notes for US Dollars and the Teller would be unaware of the stolen Thai currency which the men would then leave with. Eventually, one of the Tellers working for a popular Thai Bank realized what was going on and reported it to her manager who informed the Police who were able to examine CCTV footage and obtain copies of the suspects passports which are routinely taken during such a transaction. Both men were charged with theft and await their time in Court.
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