Author Topic: Tourist Viciously Attacks 10yr old Toilet Attendant over 10-baht fee - video  (Read 1082 times)

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There must be more to this story

Tourist Viciously Attacks Young Toilet Attendant

Foreigner seen beating young child after dispute over 10-baht fee

In a video posted by facebook user Tohee Seesa, the man on the left is repeatedly seen hitting and shoving a young boy into the wall. Photo: Facebook/Tohee Seesa

A Facebook user has offered a reward of 5,000 baht to anyone who can help him find a foreigner who fought with a toilet attendant and refused to pay a 10 baht fee to use a toilet on Bangla road.

Videos and photographs of six foreigners – three men and three women – were recorded on CCTV cameras installed at the facility. They were posted by a user named ‘Tohee Seesa’ earlier this month.

In the video, one of the men is repeatedly seen hitting and shoving a young boy into the wall.

Facebook user Tohee says the attendant is 10 years old, while the foreigner seemed to be between 30 to 40 years old.

Another attendant came to the first one’s aid, but the foreigners ran off.

“Please help me find this man. If you see him, please contact me at 081-082 6456 or 085-888-5572,” the user stated on their Facebook page.
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That twit is going to be real sorry when they do catch him - complete loser!!!

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Re: Tourist Viciously Attacks Toilet Attendant over 10-baht fee
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Thanks for your input Kev, it turns out now the 10yr old kid has gained another 10yrs overnight as the media now  claims he is 20 yrs old  ::) But... still a loser

Tourist Attacks Toilet Attendant Pt 2

Phuket Police hunt foreigner for attack on Patong toilet attendant

Patong Police say they are trying to track down a foreign man caught on CCTV assaulting a young Thai man while he was collecting money for entrance to a public toilet on Bangla Rd in the early hours of May 3.

Police say they are hunting for the foreign man who struck the 20-year-old toilet attendant Abdulloh Saesaheh near Bangla Rd, patong, on May 3. Image: Tohee Seesa / Facebook

Despite news reports claiming that the “boy” attacked was 10 years old, Patong Police today (May 17) confirmed the victim was 20-year-old Abdulloh Saesaheh.

Mr Abdulloh suffered blows to his left temple and an injury to his elbow, said Maj Gornpon Liangboonjinda of Patong Police.

“We are investigating the attack and trying to gain more information in order to find the man and the group of people from the CCTV,” said Maj Gornpon.

Maj Gornpon did not elaborate on when police began their investigations, or confirm whether a formal complaint had been filed with the Patong Police.

However, a video of the attack posted on Facebook by Mr Abdulloh’s father under then name “ Tohee Seesa” has since gone viral online, with more than 455,000 views over the past two weeks. The news has now made international headlines.

In posting the video, “Tohee Seesa” offered a B5,000 reward to find the man who struck his son.

The minute and-a-half video shows the 20-year-old sitting on a chair and using his phone before he is approached by a foreign man in a blue shirt accompanied by two foreign women.

The three foreigners are soon joined by another foreign man, who sits down to the side.

The foreigner in blue shirt appears to question the two women with him, and then appears to yell angrily at Mr Abdulloh, who begins to retrieve his mobile phone from his pocket.

The foreigner strikes the young man three times, and when Mr Abdulloh tries to stand, the older man pushes him to the ground again.

“Mr Abdulloh was listening to this man yell at him in English, but he could not understand any of it, so he tried to call his English-speaking friend to clarify what this guy wanted. That’s when the foreigner got angry and attacked Mr Abdulloh,” reported Maj Gornpon.

“According to Mr Abdulloh, the two women in the video had already come to the toilets previously, but refused to pay the 10-baht fee. They went away to get their boyfriends, or male companions, and returned with them to confront him,” Maj Gornpon added.

Maj Gornpon did not offer any explanation of why a foreigner would react so violently to paying such a pithy fee to use a toilet.

Mr Abdulloh’s father urged any anyone who had information that may help locate his son’s attacker to call 081-0826456 or 085-8885572. Alternatively, people may inform the Patong Police directly.
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Like i said there's more to this story - Change the L in loser to a T and we just might get near the truth - Was they having a sneak peek :o

Phuket police yet to uncover reason for toilet fight involving foreigner

The motive behind an attack on a toilet attendant in Patong by a group of foreigners remains unclear as the victim has refused to a file a complaint.

On May 3, a Facebook user offered a reward of 5,000 baht to anyone who could help him find the foreigner who allegedly refused to pay a 10 baht fee to use a toilet on Bangla Road (story here).

Patong Police managed to learn the name of the foreigner involved and the fact that he was American. He has already departed Thailand.

Police also learned that the ‘child’ was actually 20 years old, not 10 as claimed by his father. The attendant is named Abdullah and he says he does not want to file a complaint as the tourist has already left the country.

“The cause of the attack remains unclear at this stage. The boy told us that he got attacked by the foreigner who refused to pay the 10 baht toilet fee. On the other hand, some say that the boy was trying to sneak a peek at the man’s female companions while they were using the toilet, which is what caused the fight,” said Maj Korapol Leangboonjinda of Patong Police.

“After seeing more footage from CCTV, we know that the boy retaliated by attacking the foreigner back with a knife. That is how we located him through hospital records,” he added.

Police said that they would not take action as neither side has filed a complaint.

According to the boy’s father (who goes by the Facebook user name 'Tohee Seesa' and who has now either deleted or temporarily suspended his Facebook account), this is not the first time that a customer has refused to pay the fee and attacked his son.

He added that this was the reason he had installed a CCTV camera at the facility to begin with.
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