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Top monk lays down the law
« on: May 12, 2018, 04:06:31 PM »
Top monk lays down the law

His Holiness the Supreme Patriarch has promised punishment without exception against monks who break the law.

The top monk's remarks were understood to have been made in the context of the temple fund embezzlement scandal in which several temples are suspected of involvement.

They are being investigated by agencies including the National Anti-Corruption Commission, the police force's Counter Corruption Division, and the National Office of Buddhism.

The Supreme Patriarch was addressing a meeting attended by more than 200 monks who hold governing roles in the monastic hierarchy from across the country. The meeting was held at the Buddha Monthon Meeting Hall in Nakhon Pathom's Buddhamonthon district.

The Supreme Patriarch said that monks who hold governing roles in the clergy are regarded as officials under the law.

"Anyone [monks] who is an official must come under the same law. That is to say, if they commit acts of corruption or dereliction of duty, they must face consequences under the law with no exceptions," he said.

His Holiness insisted that monks must also observe the Vinaya -- the disciplinary code laid down by Lord Buddha which governs the lives of monks and the whole monastic community.

"If monks adhere to the Vinaya strictly, you don't have to worry about any effects the secular law will have on you," he said.

He stressed the need for senior monks and temple abbots to be meticulous in screening people who want to be ordained as monks, and to make sure their subordinates and proteges act strictly in compliance with monastic rules and the law.

The temple fund embezzlement scandal saw temples accused of taking part in what are called "change money" schemes.

This is when state officials grant fund money to the temples but ask them to return part of that money to their private accounts.

Five senior monks at three temples in Bangkok were implicated in the latest crackdown. Three sit on the Sangha Council.
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