Author Topic: Gangs prey on people buying driver's licence (Khon Kaen)  (Read 639 times)

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Gangs prey on people buying driver's licence

The transport office of Khon Kaen province in the Northeast has issued a warning about gangs preying on people wanting a driver's licence without having to take a driving test and physical checkup.

Kanok Siripanichkorn, chief of the Khon Kaen transport office, said the gangs usually demand 2,000-3,000 baht each from people who hope to evade the normal process but instead end up being cheated.

Mr Kanok said warning signs have been put up around the provincial transport office and three other offices where driving licences are issued.

A task force has also been set up to catch the gangs.

A person who wants a driver's licence is required to submit identification documents, take a physical examination, particularly eyesight, watch a 15-minute video on transport and traffic regulations, take a driving test and pass a written test, Mr Kanok said.

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