Author Topic: Thai Women lost B29m to foreign online romeos  (Read 638 times)

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Thai Women lost B29m to foreign online romeos
« on: October 28, 2015, 06:38:04 PM »
We always hear about thai ladies scamming foreigners, have the tables turned as Bangkokpost reports that on facebook, The Thai Anti Scam Page received complaints from 15-20 victims a day, where it is alleged some thai women have been scamed more than 29 million baht.

The online scammers who used photographs of good-looking Western men and foreign politicians like British prime minister David Cameron. It is alledged one of the victims, told police that she had met a foreigner via an online chat programme. The man duped her into transferring 23 million baht into his account, she claimed.

full article:
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