Author Topic: Thai police launch 'You'll Never Walk Alone' campaign  (Read 429 times)

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Thai police launch 'You'll Never Walk Alone' campaign
« on: December 24, 2014, 01:59:59 PM »
Metropolitan police have now come  up with a new safety campaign under a new slogan "You’ll Never Walk Alone” to ensure that the people will feel  safer and securer to walk on the city streets.

The slogan is part of the metropolitan police scheme  to return happiness to the people in the coming New Year.

“You’ll Never Walk Alone” will involve mobile patrols around the clock by police patrolmen under   the Metropolitan Police Bureau’s Patrol and Special Operation Division 191, or which is called “Patrolcop191″.

Commander of the Patrolcop191 Pol Maj Gen Panurat Lakboon said the scheme will be the first channel to access to police assistance in case of need and emergency.

Calls  could be reached right to the  duty police officers directly  in addition to the busy 191 call by dialling 0613850191 / 0613851191 / 0613852191 and  0613853191 at  24 hours, he said.

He said the new channel to access to police assistance came after the current 191 call is flooded with over 8,000 calls a day, thus making access in case of emergency difficult.

The new mobile numbers will facilitate calling, he said.

He also said that apart from phone call, the “Patrolcop191″ can also be accessible via the social network as now the police has created official accounts on Facebook and LINE under the name “patrolcop191″ for people to give information on crimes, drugs, or need help and in case of emergency.

But he warned of police tough action in case of fake calls, as all incoming calls will be recorded, and surveillance cameras installed at various public telephone booths which will have enable police to track down fake callers.
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