Author Topic: Thai man kills 11 month old daughter live on Facebook  (Read 473 times)

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Thai man kills 11 month old daughter live on Facebook
« on: April 26, 2017, 12:56:51 PM »
Boy there are some sad sicko's around, what kind of guy would kill his daughter live on facebook for the whole world to see, before committing suicide himself. People could watch the murder for about 24 hrs after the incident before being taken down. The states the footage showed the father tying a rope to his daughters neck then drop the child from a rooftop in phuket.

All because his wife left him, I hope this kid goes to a better world. R.I.P. As for the father Hmmm.

Depraved dad hangs himself and his 11-month-old baby on Facebook Live after accusing his girlfriend of cheating

The heartbroken mother of the child watched the harrowing video on social media and desperately called the police.

The twisted father climbed a building and opened the Facebook live stream before looping a rope round his daughter’s neck and throwing her off the edge.

He is then shown climbing down to retrieve the infant’s dead body and before hanging himself in the disturbing footage.

Heartbroken Jiranuch saw the shocking video and called police who found the pair hanging from an abandoned building in Sakoo, south of Phuket International Airport.

The harrowing footage remained on the killer’s Facebook page for nearly 24 hours after it was posted online.

And while the original post has been removed, the footage and the disturbing pictures have been shared dozens of times and remain on the social network.

full story with pics
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