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Teens procure teens, parents pimp children: Roi Et police
« on: August 23, 2018, 12:07:03 AM »
Teens procure teens, parents pimp children: Roi Et police

A 19-year-old female who allegedly procured a 15-year-old girl to provide sexual services for a drug network in Roi Et has been nabbed in a police sting operation, fuelling concern that the age of suspects in human trafficking cases is getting younger.

In June this year, a 17-year old girl was arrested for providing a 14-year-old girl to have sex with an Indian tourist in Pattaya, while a teenage boy allegedly procured senior high-school students for six customers in Nakhon Sawan.

The operation in Roi Et took place during the early hours of Wednesday, around the same time another team of police and officers from other state agencies arrested a woman who had allegedly opened a karaoke bar in Chaiyaphum as a front for a brothel. Two of the seven female workers were found to be 16-year-old girls.

Pol Lt Col Detchat Munnami, deputy chief of investigation for Provincial Police Region 4, said the latest arrest in Roi Et resulted from a crackdown on drug gangs. He said the probe revealed that girls had been victimised by their own parents, some of whom had raped them and provided them for sex in exchange for methamphetamine pills.

"Officers arrested a girl [the 19-year-old] immediately after she received 2,000 baht from our two agents," Pol Lt Col Detcha said, referring to a sting operation at a motel in Muang district where agents met the suspect, who was accompanied by the underage girl.

He said the teen suspect admitted that a drug network had asked her to procure 15-year-old girls in return for money or speed pills. If she chose the money, she spent it on drugs and hanging around with friends, he added. She told police she had arranged sexual transactions on three occasions.

The 15-year-old victim, he continued, said she decided to work as a prostitute after her father was arrested on a drug charge and the money sent by her mother, who works in Pattaya, was not enough for her to live on.

Most of the customers were members of a drug network and her father's "friends", she told police. Some of them forced her to take speed pills before having sex.

Police charged the 19-year-old suspect with human trafficking and luring an underage girl into prostitution.

In Chaiyaphum's Muang district, karaoke owner Kanchana Thongluan was charged with human trafficking, opening a bar without permission and running a brothel.

Muang police chief Pol Col Phongphat Chaengmuenwai denied a report that one of his subordinates had taken bribes from the shop to turn a blind eye to the illegal business.
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Re: Teens procure teens, parents pimp children: Roi Et police
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Police officers suspended amid sex-bribe claims

 Three police commanders in Chaiyaphum's Muang district have reportedly been transferred to inactive posts, pending a probe over bribe allegations involving underage prostitution.

A source at the Royal Thai Police said the Muang Chaiyaphum precinct superintendent Col Pongpat, inspector Maj Pornchai and Pornchai's deputy inspector Capt Uthai had been summoned to the provincial headquarters.

Evidence of bribery was uncovered after the Department of Special Investigation and the Provincial Administration Department, acting upon an NGO's complaint to the Dhamrongtham Centre, conducted a sting operation on Tuesday night to arrest the owner of a Muang district's karaoke bar, Kanchana Thongluan.

The woman allegedly procured two 16-year-old girls, who were among the seven Thai sex workers there, to provide sexual services to customers.

She reportedly said she charged the girls’ customers Bt1,200 each for sexual services and pocketed Bt300 as a commission.

 The bar owner also told police that a Muang Chaiyaphum policeman had collected tens of thousands of baht per month from her in exchange for allowing her to open the bar without a proper licence and run an underage sex business.

Officers found Line chat messages as evidence, it was reported.

The three officers were unavailable for comment.
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