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I thought teachers should set a good example

Teacher arrested for theft of school computers

A teacher has been arrested after pawning laptop computers he allegedly stole from his school in Muang district of this northeastern province.

Denpong Charoensuk, 31, was detained on Tuesday after the school administrator filed a complaint with Ban Pet police station that 20 of the school's 21 Acer TravelMate computers had disappeared from the teaching equipment storeroom.

The school received the 21 computers, which cost 21,000 baht each, from the Education Ministry in January this year.

A police investigation discovered the missing laptops had been pawned at a computer and mobile phone shop in Ban Pet village.

The provincial court approved an arrest warrant for Mr Denpong, who was assigned to supervise the storeroom, and he was apprehended at the school on Tuesday morning.

Pol Col Chumpol Hanchana, chief of Ban Pet police station, said Mr Denpong confessed to the theft.

He said his monthly pay of 15,000 baht was not enough to take care of his family and repay a credit card debt.  So, since February, he had been pawning the school's notebook computers for 5,000 baht each at the shop where they were tracked down.

With police help, the school was able to retrieve only seven of the computers. The pawn period for the  13  others had expired and the shop had sold them.

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