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A Soi Cowboy bargirl stabbed her co-worker to death in a drug-induced rage, after they got into a fight while getting high on “ice” in their Bangkok apartment. They had apparently argued about boyfriends, when the dispute turned violent and deadly.

BANGKOK – August 16, 2012 PDN]; At 5 p.m., Pol. Maj. Col. Mongkol Promsopa and detective officers received a report of a killing in the Dingdang district. He went to check with Pol. Lt. Col. Sane Wantong; Pol. Lt. Col. Duangchote Suwanjaras, detective inspector; the forensic authorities; medical autopsy personnel; and the Ruam Katanyu foundation team.

They rushed to the crime scene at room 918 of the 9th floor of the LA Mansion, Soi 47, sub-district and district Dingdang. The police discovered signs of a struggle, with scattered personal belongings around the room.

They found Ms. Jaruwan Sangpluem, age 24, lying dead in a pool of blood in front of the bathroom. She had been stabbed with a knife all over her body. Ms. Jaruwan’s neck was almost cut off, and her body had more than 20 knife wounds.

Waiting for the police was the victim’s killer, Ms. Pornsuda Songkarak, age 24. Police seized the evidence, a large “chopper” kitchen knife.

Ms. Pornsuda confessed to police that she had known the victim for a long time. They were both co-workers at the same bar on Soi Cowboy, and they both had Columbian boyfriends.

The victim had asked to stay with her, since she had just broken up with her boyfriend.

The incident began when both women began using Crystal Meth, or “ice” on the morning of August 14.

They later got drunk, and had a strong argument about boyfriends. The victim wanted to contact another French boyfriend that the other woman knew.

They got into a violent fight, and Ms. Pornsuda stabbed Ms. Jaruwan in the throat with a knife, and kept stabbing her until the victim died.

Police detained the suspect to test her urine for drugs. Ms. Pornsuda was initially charged with intent to kill other another person.

Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.


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Re: She had been stabbed with a knife more than 20 knife wounds
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Any flip remark would be churlish and inappropriate in the circumstances. Very sad.

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Re: She had been stabbed with a knife more than 20 knife wounds
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Fighting over sponsors.  Lovely.  The kitchen knife seems to be the choice for some people.  Bloody sick. :stab

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Re: She had been stabbed with a knife more than 20 knife wounds
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I've never heard of as much drug-induced violence as in Thailand lately. Recent drugs do make people turn into uncontrollable monsters far more than ever. The Thai government should do a lot more for the prevention of drug abuse like effective public information about how drugs can work.
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