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Police run for cover during Pub Shooting
« on: March 22, 2013, 02:25:07 PM »
Police run for cover during Pub Shooting in South Pattaya

Police and Police Volunteers ran for cover as they were caught up in a shooting incident at the front of a South Pattaya Pub in the early hours of Thursday.

Just after 3am Pattaya Police were called to the Crink Pub located at the Southern end of Pattaya Third Road to deal with a fight involving the Pub’s security guards and a group they were having trouble ejecting from the venue.

Earlier two groups of men were fighting inside the club and after the guards successfully ejected one group, the other group were told to leave but decided they wanted to stay.

Police and Police Volunteers arrived and stood outside the pub with the group. Seconds later 6 to 7 men on motorbikes were spotted and one of the men, who appeared intoxicated, produced a gun and shouted he was not scared of Police. He then opened fire and expelled 4 shots. One of the opposing group of men was hit in his arm and was rushed to the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya where his condition is described as not serious.

A Police truck and a private vehicle, a White Toyota Hilux Vigo were both hit during the shooting which caused everyone to duck for cover until the men left in the direction of North Pattaya.

In what could be an unrelated incident, a search of the area for the gunman led Police to the car park of the Noir Pub further up the Third Road in North Pattaya, where staff reported a Black Toyota Vios had been abandoned. The car was found to be registered to a Police Lance Corporal and contained three guns, a 38 calibre revolver and two semi-automatic handguns and lots of ammunition. At this point Police cannot be sure if this vehicle or its driver are somehow connected to the earlier shooting at the South Pattaya Pub.

Police are currently collating evidence gathered and are hunting for the shooter and the rest of his group who remain at-large for now.

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