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Police Impersonator Rapes Four Women
« on: July 25, 2012, 01:59:02 PM »
A serial rapist claiming to be a Nakorn Sawan police officer was arrested in a police sting while planning to rape another young female at Muangpen Mansion. A total of four women reported being raped by the fake police officer. Police suspect there may be more unreported victims.

NAKORN SAWAN- July 23, 2012 [PDN]; Pol. Lt. Col. Anuchit Chanpakdee, investigation inspector of Muang Nakorn Sawan police station; along with the investigation officers arrested Mr. Sonthaya Seemarak, 29, living at house number 296, moo 3, Mahaphoe, Khaoliew.

The suspect had been pretending to be a police officer and threatening women and raping them. The police arrested him while he was walking in front of Muangpen mansion in Nokorn Sawan municipal city. They seized the evidence, including a black jacket that had “POLICE” in white letters printed on the back, jeans, sneakers and a cellphone. A total of four victims came to identify him at the police station.

The arrest resulted from a police investigation that began July 17, when a 17-year-old girl reported to police that she was raped at a Watsai motel by someone dressed like an off-duty police officer.

He had claimed to be an investigation officer of Nakorn Sawan police station, and had come to investigate. He threatened that she would be arrested for prostitution, and if she would not want to be arrested, she should come to see him at the motel.

“Ms. A” (cover name) told police that after she was threatened, she got very scared because he looked like a real police officer, and his gestures and voice were credible. So she went to the motel to insist on her innocence.

But when she got there, he called her to come into the room and brought a 1,000 baht bank note, and put it in her hand. He then said this was evidence of prostitution, and she had to go to jail. She felt weak and cried, and begged him for 30 minutes to release her. So the man said there could be something to exchange. She did not understand why innocent people had to exchange anything. But he told her that when a man and a woman are alone in a room, “You should know what to do.” Then he raped her.

Pol. Lt. Col. Anuchit said after the first victim came to the police, a second female also reported being threatened. “Ms. C” (alias) reported that the fake police officer had been calling her and threatening to put her in jail for drug-selling allegations. He had told her to meet him at Muangpen mansion.

The police knew that it was the place that Ms. A had gotten raped. So the police entrapped him by telling Miss C to go to the appointment place while they staked out the area. When the suspect arrived at the front of the mansion, the police officers attacked and arrested him.

Mr. Sonthaya confessed to the rapes, but told police he did it just four times. He said he always chose a girl who looked naïve and easy to deceive. He did it for sex and did not want the girls’ money.

After questioning the suspect, police are not really convinced he was telling the whole truth. They believe he had been raping many more women. But they suspect the unknown victims are feeling too ashamed or afraid to report the rapes. The police arrested Mr. Sonthaya with evidence and sent him to the investigation team to uncover more details.
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