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Police explain mistaken identity
« on: July 19, 2012, 12:00:34 PM »
BANGKOK: -- Metropolitan Police deputy chief Pol MajGeneral Pisit Pisutsak said yesterday that though police had initially arrested the wrong man over robbery charges, they were not at fault because the five victims had identified cab driver Charin Chamket, 35, as the thief.

City police chief Khamronwit Thoopkrajang apologised to Charin on behalf of his subordinates yesterday and provided Bt20,000 compensation. Charin said that he wouldn’t sue the police beacuse he understood the circumstance and regraded this as his own bad luck.

Charin said he wouldn’t drive taxi anymore and that he only drove taxi as a sideline from his full-time job as an IT official at a Bangkok hotel to take care of his mother and his two children.

After the cabbie turned himself in on July 2, he was detained for nine days at Min Buri prison and released after police nabbed the real culprit Thinnapat Sirisopa, 36.

The suspect had robbed 16 taxi passengers and even raped some of them. Thinnapat's taxi carried the fake licence number Mor Jor621, which actually belonged to Charin's taxi.
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 identified by a number on a car.
identify the car, and presume that the driver may be the culprit.
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