Author Topic: Photographer And Model Busted After Doing Nude Photo-Shoots  (Read 373 times)

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Bangkok Police announced in a press conference that a photographer and model were arrested after opening a website for amateur photographers to take photos of nude models.

BANGKOK – May 13,2013 [PDN]; At the police headquarters Police Maj. Gen. Kumronwit Toopgrajang announced that a 30 year-old photographer was arrested along with a 19 year-old freelance nude model. There were also 2 other amateur photographers arrested as well. A lot of other photography equipment was seized too. The raid took place in the Din daeng area in Bangkok

Police General Napunwut announced that the Bangkok police was doing their best to arrest websites that promote illegal activities. Officers investigated the website ‘PortraitTrip’, the website that offered amateur photographers to take photos of nude models for certain prices.

The Police General also said that when the officers went undercover to bust the illegal website owners they had to pay about 1,500 THB each to take part in the nude photography. Once the photo-shoot took place the undercover officer blew their cover and arrested the owners of the website as well as the other two amateur photographers along with the nude model. The group is now in police custody and will have to wait for further charges.

As for the model, she used to be a model for car brands and was about to attend university. She admitted that she has done this 4 times already and gets paid 4000 to 5000 THB for each time.   pattayadailynews

If she was Thai, it was probably only a small bust. :evilgrin

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