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Pawn shop accused of gold swindle (Khon Kaen)
« on: July 03, 2015, 11:53:20 AM »
Pawn shop accused of gold swindle

One victim shows a ticket detailing a one-baht gold necklace she pledged with the Kranuan municipal pawn shop in April. The victim and other residents filed complaints with local police against the shop for returning fake gold to them. (Post Today photo)

A government-run pawn shop in Khon Kaen has been accused of cheating its customers for 11 years by returning fake gold to people who had hocked the real thing.

A group of residents, carrying pawn tickets, flocked to the police station in Kranuan district to file complaints against the municipality's pawn shop on Thursday fearing they might not be compensated, Thai media reported.

Pisamai R, a resident in tambon Nong Kor, said she had pledged a two-baht-weight gold necklace with a one-baht amulet for 39,000 baht several months ago. She recently redeemed those items from the shop, but found the necklace returned to her was fake. Only her one-baht gold amulet was genuine.

Other customers also faced the same plight when redeeming their gold items. As of Thursday, the number of victims stood at 210, Post Today reported.

After the scandal erupted, the municipality immediately suspended four staffers at the pawn shop pending an investigation.

An initial investigation found that the accused staffers had returned fake gold items to customers since 2004 before the scandal came to light.

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Re: Pawn shop accused of gold swindle (Khon Kaen)
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my sisterinlaw use to pawn her gold necklace regularly,she could slip the necklace over her head without undoing the catch.

but last time she pawned it,when she got it back it wouldn't fit over her head no more.
did her head get bigger or did the necklace shrink  ;)