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Pakistan Mother alleged to have “cut” her son inside Taxi, arrested by Pattaya Police

Just after 9.30pm on Monday Night, Pattaya Police were called to Pattaya Second Road in front of Mike Shopping Mall to investigate allegations made by a taxi driver that a Pakistani parent was seen to repeatedly slash the wrist of her son as he attempted to break up a verbal altercation between his parents which was taking place in the back of the Taxi.


Khun Suwat aged 56 was in the process of taking the family to Silom in Bangkok from the Sabai Inn Hotel in Soi 2 off Pattaya Beach Road. The driver noticed tensions between the parents and suspected they were under the influence of a narcotic which could not be confirmed by Police. The driver was asked to stop at a Convenience Store so the mother could purchase a can of coke.
The journey then continued but the argument between the pair, Mr. Ibrahim Ali aged 41 and Mrs. Parveen Ali aged 26, became very heated and their son, thought to be aged around 8 years old was trying to stop them. Khun Suwat claims that the Mother was seen to use the ring-pull from the coke can and repeatedly slash the right arm of the boy in a fit of rage. Medics confirmed the cuts were so deep that body fat was visible in some of the cuts. At this point the driver had seen enough and stopped close to a group of Police Volunteers in front of the Shopping Mall where Police were called.
The priority was to ensure the child had immediate medical treatment and the Father, Mother and Child were transported to Hospital on the back of a rescue truck under close supervision from Police.
At the time of publication, the child remains at Hospital but the parents have been arrested and will be interviewed later at Pattaya Police Station where they will face allegations of assaulting their child. Police have confirmed they are aware of cultural differences between Pakistani’s and Thai’s but will deal with the case under Thai Law which prohibits such actions. The case is ongoing.

Pakistan Mother alleged to have "cut" her son inside Taxi, arrested by Pattaya Police - Pattaya One
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