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Old men stab each other to death in Phuket bank
« on: June 06, 2013, 07:08:18 PM »
Two elderly men stabbed each other to death in a bank in Phuket Town at midday today (June 6). Both died.

The manager of the Poonpon Rd branch of the Bank of Ayudhya, Sophon Udomsap, called police after the two men, who had been discussing a debt in a 2nd floor room of the bank, began to argue fiercely, and then stared to fight.

By the time officers arrived the two were lying in a bloody heap on the floor of the room, dead.

Mr Sopon told police that Ponthakorn Teerabenjakul, 60, the owner of apartment in Thung Thong, had borrowed a large amount of money from Paiboon Weswanich-sanong, 71, putting up his apartment and land, valued at more than B30 million, as security against the loan.

Ponthakorn failed to repay the money so the two agreed to meet in the bank with the manager to discuss how the debt might be repaid. Paiboon brought with him two potential buyers of Ponthakorn's land

The discussions grew ever more heated until Ponthakorn pulled out a flick knife and began to stab Paiboon in the chest. The gravely wounded Paiboon managed to grab hold of the knife and stabbed his assailant in return until both collapsed, dying from loss of blood.

The bodies were sent to Vachira Phuket Hospital to await collection by relatives.

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Re: Old men stab each other to death in Phuket bank
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According to Bangkok Post it was different:

Debt spurs bank murder-suicide

A 51-year-old businessman stabbed his elderly creditor to death before taking his own life at a commercial bank in Phuket on Thursday.

The tragedy took place at 12.15pm at the Bank of Ayudhya's Poonpol Road branch in Muang district.

The men were identified as Ponthakorn Theerabenjakul, 51, and Paiboon Vejchavanitsanong, 71. They sustained serious knife wounds and died on the second floor of the bank.

According to a police investigation, Ponthakorn, owner of a luxury apartment in Kathu district of Phuket, had pledged the title deed of the land where his apartment was built with Paiboon. However, Ponthakorn had failed to pay his debt. The men decided to settle the debt in front of bank manager Sophon Udomsap.

When negotiations failed, the 51-year-old debtor suddenly pulled out a knife and used it to stab his creditor to death before using the same weapon to take his own life.
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Re: Old men stab each other to death in Phuket bank
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More detailed story here with pics & id cards

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Re: Phuket bank stabbing witnesses confirm murder-suicide
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The two women present in the Bank of Ayudhya meeting room yesterday watched when Phonthakorn Teerabenjakul, 51, pulled out a knife and stabbed Piboon Vachwanichsanong, 71, to death, and then killed himself, police say

“The women saw the whole thing,” Phuket City Police Inspector Yongyuth Kongmalai told the Phuket Gazette today.

“They said there was no fight between the two men. Mr Phonthakorn pulled out a knife and stabbed Mr Piboon several times, and then stabbed himself several times,” Col Yongyuth said.

Mr Phonthakorn, a local real estate investor, had borrowed money from Mr Piboon, a well-known Phuket businessman and the treasurer of Tah Rue shrine, using a land title as collateral, said Col Yongyuth.

When Mr Phonthakorn was unable to repay the loan, the two had tried unsuccessfully to negotiate a settlement.

The murder-suicide occurred as they met with the bank's branch manager, Sophon Udomsab, and two women who were interested in buying Mr Phonthakorn’s land.

Police have charged the dead Mr Phonthakorn for the murder of Mr Piboon.

“We don’t have the authority to cancel the case,” said Col Yongyuth.

“We are waiting to question the bank manager, relatives of both parties and other eye witnesses. We also need to wait for the medical examination report from Vachira Phuket Hospital before we can transfer the file to the prosecutor,” he said.

“The prosecutor has the authority to cancel the case, since the man charged for the murder is dead,” he added.

“Right now we are just focusing on the murder case. If our commander orders it, we can also investigate the details of the business deal. For now, that is not our responsibility and is left up to the two families to deal with themselves,” he said.

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