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Noisy neighbour shot dead
« on: April 13, 2013, 01:21:41 AM »
BUNG KAN - A man shot and killed his 36-year-old neighbour on Friday for playing his loud music and noisily revving his motorbike.

Komsan Traithong, 22, told Muang district police in Bung Kan that his eight-month-old child was unable to sleep because Yuthana Chantham, who lived across from his house, was making too much noise.

Yuthana was playing loud music and making loud noises as he drove around on a motorcycle, constantly pressing on the gas pedal, he said.

He asked the man many times to stop but the man did not comply, he added.

Mr Komsan went over to Yuthana's house with a pistol to threaten him to quiet down. He said he fired the pistol in self-defence, claiming that the victim was going to harm him.

Pol Col Sarayuth Chuenpichai, chief of the district police, said Mr Komsan was charged with premeditated murder.

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