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3 Iranian’s Ask Police To Arrest Ladyboy Prostitute Accused Of Mobile Phone Theft.

Three Iranian men notified the police to arrest a ladyboy prostitute who was accused of stealing their mobile phone in Pattaya. When the police investigated, the ladyboy revealed that he made an agreement with one of the Iranian men to sell sexual services to him, and him only. But when the ladyboy arrived at the room, he found 2 other Iranian men who were also waiting to have sex with him in the swinging fashion (3 for the price of 1). The ladyboy asked for extra money for the sexual services, but only the 1 Iranian man had paid him. The other 2 men didn’t consent to pay so the ladyboy ran from the room. He didn’t realize that the mobile phone of the Iranian men was with him when he left. The police brought everyone to negotiate at the police station where they finally compromised and decided not to prosecute each other.

PATTAYA – May 22, 2013 [PDN]; At 6.10 a.m. on a police team from the Pattaya police station went to inspect an incident of a ladyboy accused of stealing a mobile phone from a foreign tourist staying at a hotel on soi 4. When the police arrived at the scene of incident, they found 3 victims who are Iranian tourists (didn’t reveal their names). The police detained the attractive ladyboy who already had surgery to change his sex. The police had also detained his ladyboy friend, which this ladyboy wore only a bra and underwear, so the police told him to dress suitably.

From questioning the 3 Iranian men who could not speak fluent English, they said that before the incident occurred, one of the three men went and met the ladyboy who was selling sexual services on ‘Walking Street’ in South Pattaya. He saw that this ladyboy was attractive and he was quite fond of him, so they made an agreement to exchange sexual services for the agreed price of 2,000THB. After, he brought the ladyboy back to his room at the hotel. The ladyboy brought his older ladyboy friend with him and he waited in the front room. When the ladyboy entered the room, he was not satisfied to see 2 other Iranian men which he wasn’t expecting to be there. When the other 2 Iranian men saw the ladyboy, they were also very attracted to him and asked to have sex with him too. They expected a “3 for the price of 1″ deal, which the ladyboy rejected and asked for more money (2,000 THB per person). During sex with the first man, he had reached climax and then the other 2 men tried to also have sex with him continuously, but the ladyboy asked them to pay 2,000 THB each first. A quarrel then ensued and the ladyboy ran out of the room naked. He went back to grab his clothes and ended up grabbing the mobile Nokia phone of the Iranian men in the process. He was then captured by the 3 Iranian men and the security guard of the hotel and was unable to escape. The the 3 Iranian men then forced the ladyboy to go back to the room because the other 2 Iranian men still didn’t have sex with him. The ladyboy was afraid that he would not get paid so he didn’t give consent to go back to the room. That made the 3 Iranian men angry and they notified the police to arrest the ladyboy in an accusation of stealing the mobile phone. They also told the police that they wanted this ladyboy to pay his 2 friends 2,000THB each, as they still didn’t have sex with him.

Therefore, the police questioned the ladyboy to see whether he actually stole the mobile phone of the victim or not. The ladyboy informed them that he didn’t intend to steal their mobile phone and that it was in his pile of clothes that he had grabbed from the room before running away. He ran because he didn’t agree to have swinging sex with 3 men for the price of 1 without being paid 2,000THB from each man. He felt that he was being cheated by the Iranian tourists so he grabbed his clothes and decided to run away and escape, but accidentally had the mobile phone of the Iranian men along with his clothes. He already returned the phone to the Iranian men because the mobile Nokia phone is old and cheap, and the ladyboy uses a brand new iPhone 5 which is much better and more expensive, so he didn’t think to steal the mobile phone. He still didn’t get paid from the Iranian men and he was notified that he was going to be arrested and to pay 2,000THB to each Iranian man, which in fact, he should be receiving 2,000THB from each of the 3 Iranian men. Therefore, the police brought everyone to the police station to negotiate with each other. Both of the 2 sides argued for a while and finally they compromised and didn’t wish to prosecute each other.

Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.

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Wait..isn't prostitution illegal in Thailand and yet these guys call the police to assist them?

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Wiki says it is illegal

Prostitution is illegal in Thailand, although in practice it is tolerated and partly regulated. Prostitution is practised openly throughout the country.[1][2] Local officials with commercial interests in prostitution often protect the practice.  :cheers
Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.