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Foreigner Robs Bangkok Suburban Bank
« on: May 30, 2013, 01:08:07 PM »
Staff in a Nonthaburi bank reported  an armed robbery by a foreign man who escaped with over 300,000 Baht on Wednesday.

Described as “European” in appearance, the bank robber queued patiently in the Bangkok Bank in Tesco Lotus,  before presenting the cashier with a note, in “semi” English, which told them that he had both a gun and knife and demanded that they give him the money and   remain silent , as his getaway driver, on a motorbike,  waited for him outside

Thought to be between 35 and 50 and wearing dark sunglasses to avoid instant recognition the man   dressed in a blue shirt and denim trousers and put the money in a large bag before leaving hastily and riding away on the back of the waiting bike.

The two cashiers made statements to police officers as others reviewed the security tapes to try and establish the bike registration and get a better description of the two men.

The note, left behind in the bank,  may itself hold a clue to the nationality of the thief as he has a distinctive way of writing the letter “Q’ and forensics experts were examining it this morning

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I'm surprised he got any money at all.  Considering he wrote the note in English.
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Re: Foreigner Robs Bangkok Suburban Bank
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The only people that I have seen mixing upper and lower case letters incorrectly are semi-literate Britons. You know, the ones who didn't pay attention in class because they didn't think that a knowledge of their own language was a necessary skill.

That should narrow the search to only a few thousand in Thailand.

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American Teacher Charged With Bank Robbery in Bangkok Bank

An  American Teacher Lloyd Dennis Hall has been arrested and charged with the robbery of a Bangkok Suburban Bank earlier this week.
Hall, a 62 year old English teacher,  was traced to his apartment yesterday by detectives investigating the robbery which took place in a branch of the Bangkok Bank in a Tesco Lotus Mall during which the robbers passed a note to tellers, written in English and demanding cash.  In the note he also claimed to be armed with both a gun and a knife

Police searching Hall’s apartment found over 350,000 baht , much of it still with Bank wrappers..  A detailed search also revealed a discarded crash helmet and shirt, similar in appearance to those used in the raid.  The bike, suspected as that  used in the getaway, was also found close by and Hall was removed to the local police station for questioning.

After several hours, during which he repeatedly denied any involvement in the robbery, Hall admitted the charges as the evidence was presented to him.  He is expected to be held in Prison until a trial date as this was a crime involving violence and he may be considered a flight risk
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