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Fake cop arrested for raping girl
« on: September 05, 2012, 01:37:51 PM »
A motorcycle taxi driver has been arrested on charges of impersonating a police officer and raping a 14-year-old girl, reports said.

Police said they received a call from a resident of an apartment in Onnut Soi 53 in Prawet district, that a man had lured three young girls into his apartment.

Police found Wacchara Wongbak, 34, in the apartment with the 14-year-old girl looking scared in a corner of the room.

The victim told police that she and her two sisters, aged two and five, were at the market getting food for their sick mother, when the suspect approached them and claimed to be a policeman.

The suspect told the girls that he wanted the eldest sister to take a drug-test and forced the girls onto his motorcycle, she said.

The victim said she and her sisters were scared so they did as they were told.

When they reached the apartment, the suspect told her sisters to stay outside the room. He then forced the girl to drink beer and when she first refused he slapped her. She said the man also took away her phone and forced himself upon her.

According to the police, the suspect admitted that he was drinking beer with a couple of friends before the alleged offences.

Police said the suspect told them he left the party to buy yaba and he saw the girls at the market, alone with no parents to guard them,  so he decided to lure them to his apartment.

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