Author Topic: Expat in Motorcycle Knife Attack: Irishwoman Fights Off Armed Robbers  (Read 405 times)

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PHUKET: A young Irishwoman has told Phuket police of her escape from armed attackers in a motorcycle chase down Phuket roads last night.

The two men - at least one armed with a knife - pursued Hannah Louise O'Hagan, 27, through east Phuket as she raced towards sanctuary at her boyfriend's house, police said.

The young men knocked her from her motorcycle in the village of Termfun, where her boyfriend lives, according to officers from Thalang Police Station.

Dismounting, the men slashed the strap of Ms O'Hagan's shoulder bag. But she didn't let go.

Villagers were roused by the commotion about 8.15pm and emerged from their homes. The two men rode off empty-handed.

But they left behind one important clue. In the struggle with Ms O'Hangan, one of then lost a large, distinctive flip-flop.

Ms O'Hagan gave police a description of her attackers and a bulletin was sent to all police stations on Phuket overnight.

The attack took place after Ms O'Hagan made a right-hard turn towards Termfun, off the main road from the Heroines Monument circle that runs east towards Paklok.

Most cases of bag-snatching occur on Phuket's holiday west coast, in destinations such as Karon and Patong. But the number of security cameras in Phuket's popular tourist areas has increased.

The arrival of the low season on Phuket, with the number of tourists drastically down on the October-April high season, usually produces more snatch-and-ride crimes.

Phuket's police chief says Phuket, which has about 1100 officers, needs 5000 police. The Thai government provides police on the basis of the 320,000 registered citizens and makes no allowance for the millions of international tourists who visit Phuket each year.

The safety and security of visitors and expats on Phuket is expected to be top of the agenda when 19 ambassadors and senior representatives from Europe meet at a seminar on Phuket next Friday and Saturday.
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