Author Topic: Drunk farang assaults flight attendant Bangkok Airways, staff claims  (Read 465 times)

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Drunk farang assaults flight attendant on Bangkok Airways, staff claims

A foreigner jumped at a flight attendant on a Bangkok Airways plane yesterday and ripped her shirt off, according to an account by a purported witness.

Tohteh Rommanee posted an incident he witnessed during his job as a member of the cabin crew on a Bangkok Airways flight Thursday, when a crazy passenger invaded the cabin crew’s gallery in the back of the plane while they were relaxing.

The passenger, whose identity was withheld and only described as “farang,” reportedly yanked the curtain open and held the flight purser down on the floor. He then strangled her and ripped her shirt off before proceeding to take off his pants.

The other cabin crew tried to stop him off but could not overcome his rape fugue. Other passengers came to the rescue and tied the crazy man to his seat. He was believed to be drunk.

The man was escorted out by airport security. No charges were reportedly filed, but he was blacklisted from the airline.

Tohteh said he just wants to warn the internet that crazy things like this do happen, but he felt it was not necessary to expose the man’s identity.
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Re: Drunk farang assaults flight attendant Bangkok Airways, staff claims
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From that summary of events, this farang should have been prosecuted !
And deported. By boat !