Author Topic: Dozens Of Foreigners Arrested In School Raids Nationwide  (Read 344 times)

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Dozens Of Foreigners Arrested In School Raids Nationwide

 More than 60 foreigners were arrested Thursday in another round of raids that took place in the capital and targeted dozens of schools nationwide.

In what has become a weekly ritual, police announced the arrests of 67 foreign nationals from a series of raids on more than 70 schools as well as parts of Bangkok. The 129 locales hit by the latest operation included the Nana area of Sukhumvit Road and several educational institutions outside the capital.

Fifty-one foreigners were arrested for entering the country illegally and five others for overstaying their visas. The rest were charged with petty crimes and related offenses. Those arrested were mostly Burmese, Laotian and Cambodian, along with four African nationals, according to tourist police chief Maj. Gen. Surachet Hakpan.

“The police force will continue to investigate foreign nationals entering Thailand illegally and committing crimes such as phone scams and romance scams,” Surachet said. “These criminal gangs damage the country’s reputation. When we catch them, they’ll be blacklisted, barred from entering the country and deported to their homelands as soon as possible.”

The arrests are part of an ongoing campaign the police say is meant to weed out transnational crime and prostitution. Surachet added that police raided 49 public schools, 15 language institutions and seven international schools. None was in Bangkok, police said.

Police Col. Pananchai Chuenchaitham said they’re considering whether to press charges against the schools.

“It depends. Some schools conspired with them, but some didn’t know anything about it,” he said, declining to name the schools where arrests were made because he does not want to harm their reputations

Surachet said some schools might be charged for being complicit.

“These foreigners came here with a tourist visa,” he said. “Then, they applied for a language course, changed their visa status in order to stay longer, but they didn’t actually attend classes and they overstayed. This is the pattern.”

He also refused to name the schools because “the investigation is ongoing,” but added that none is in Bangkok.

The raids come just weeks after two similar raids saw tourist police take more than 100 foreigners in similar raids targeting international schools.
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Re: Fake visa schools to be hit with charges
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Fake visa schools to be hit with charges

Police will next week press charges against a number of international and language schools with falsifying visa documents on behalf of foreigners.

Previous police crackdowns found a number of foreign criminals in possession of education visas, which police believe were illegally obtained in order to allow suspects to remain in Thailand longer than on tourist visas.

The schools set to be charged allegedly colluded with Thai brokers and a group of immigration police officers to offer student visas to individuals who were known not to have any intention of studying during their stay in the country, Tourist Police Bureau deputy chief Surachate Hakparn told the Bangkok Post yesterday.

"We now know who the brokers and police officers are and are going to act against the schools," he said.

The move followed the arrest of 64 foreign suspects in 125 locations, including international schools.

"Students" holding non-immigrant visas known as "ED" visas are allowed to live in the country on a yearly basis, he said.

The latest arrests, conducted under the "X-Ray Outlaw Foreigners" campaign, involve two suspects from Nigeria, one from Ghana and one from Sierra Leone who are facing charges including illegal entry into Thailand.

African tourists have been under close surveillance after investigators found members of some criminal gangs from Africa enrolled as students at language schools.

In an earlier operation, officers who nabbed the so-called "romance scammers", who swindled single Thai women out of money, found they held student visas, according to Pol Maj Gen Surachate.

According to investigators, many only enrolled in those schools as a front and rarely, if ever, actually attended classes.

However, police are now well aware of this practice and have warned schools against advertising as "visa changing sites", said Pol Maj Gen Surachate.

His agency is preparing to meet education officials to discuss ways to prevent foreigners from exploiting legal loopholes in order to remain in the country illegally.

Tourist police have carried out operation X-Ray Outlaw Foreigners for over a year and so far arrested 1,088 suspects.
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