Author Topic: Chopped Skeletal Corpse Found In Septic Tank  (Read 550 times)

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Chopped Skeletal Corpse Found In Septic Tank
« on: April 11, 2013, 05:06:14 PM »
Skeletal remains were discovered by workers cleaning a septic tank behind a Chiang Mai karaoke shop.
The dismembered body had been put in a fertilizer bag and dumped in the tank. The age and sex of the body is still undetermined.


CHIANG MAI – April 10, 2013 [PDN]; at 6 p.m., officers at the Meuang Chiang Mai police station, Chiang Mai province, were notified that a skeleton was found in the septic tank behind “Sai Mao Sang Ma” karaoke shop, address 634 Wiangphing road, Tambon Haiya.

At the scene beside the septic tank, arriving officers examined the fertilizer bag with the skeleton inside, which was covered with a black cloth. Police still do not know the sex and age of the skeleton, since they didn’t find evidence indicating the identity of the skeleton.

Officers questioned Mrs. Nil Naiboon, age 34, the person who takes care of the karaoke shop. She said that after the maintenance workers took out the garbage from the septic tank, they said they had to get out the rocks in the septic tank, so the septic tank will not get full so soon again.

But the concrete block on the top of the tank had broken, so they had to change the concrete block. But before changing the concrete block, they found the fertilizer bag with the skeleton inside.

Initially, the officers assumed that this skeleton might have been thrown away for a long time, as evidenced by the condition of the skeleton, which didn’t have any remaining flesh or muscle tissue. Police speculated that the victim had been murdered, and the killer used the knife to chop the corpse, then put the body parts in the fertilizer bag and threw it away in the septic tank.

The officers sent the skeleton to perform an autopsy at Maharach Nakhorn Chiang Mai hospital to find the exact cause of death, and the sex and age of the skeleton
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