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Cheating Chinese Call Centers Busted In Bangkok
« on: March 12, 2013, 02:16:38 PM »
Cheating Chinese Call Centers Busted In Bangkok

Nearly 50 illegal call center workers mostly from China were arrested after Bangkok police raided two homes. The call centers targeted people from China in their money scams. The arrested workers claimed to be deceived and coerced into working their jobs.

BANGKOK – March 11, 2013 [PDN]; At 3 p.m., simultaneous police raids were conducted in two Bangkok houses being used as illegal call centers to cheat Chinese people.

The announcement was made by Pol. Col. Sa-nga Kanphirom, Superintendent; and Pol. Lt. Col. Prathuan Phuangjampa, Deputy Superintendent. Together with detective police team section 4, they brought the resurrect warrant of the criminal court number 91/2556 dated March 11, 2013, to raid the first house, located at 29 Soi Ramindhra 6 Tambon Anusaowaree, Amphur Bangkhen, Bangkok.

The raid came after an investigation revealed there was a call center gang in the house that used deception to cheat money from Chinese people in China. The house was located 50 meters down the soi, and is a detached, single-story home on an area of 250 square wah.

The officers found 24 Chinese people inside, consisting of 20 men and 4 women, who were making the phone calls to deceive the Chinese victims.

The police arrested all of the suspects immediately, and seized 100 home telephones, 10 mobile phones, prepaid calling cards from China, and the lists of names of Chinese people with their credit card numbers. Police also found written instructions in Chinese about the method to cheat the victims. In the house there were rows of beds and plenty of food.

Pol. Lt. Col. Prathuan said that the raid came about after the detective team was informed by their undercover agent that there were Chinese people renting the house, who were part of the call center gang, which cheated the victims from China by having money transferred to them.

In October last year, the officers discovered this Chinese call center gang was renting a house in Soi Ladphrao 76. But when the officers prepared to ask for the search warrant, the officers found that they already moved from that house.

So the officers investigated further, until their spy informed them that this Chinese call center gang had rented a new house for the price of 60,000 THB per month on Soi Ramindhra 6.

Most of the arrested Chinese had passports and tourist visas. After their arrests, most of them claimed that they were deceived by the recruiting agent, who told them that he would take them to sell goods in Thailand.

But when they arrived in Thailand, they were brought to the rental house immediately to work as the call center gang. They were not allowed to go out beyond the door of the house by their bosses, who claimed that they would be arrested by the police if they did venture outside. There was a house maid took care of everything for them and cooked food for them.

Pol. Lt. Col. Prathuan said that the behavior of this gang is similar to the Thai version of call center gangs that make phone calls to cheat Thai people and transferred money to them, and the call center gang that cheated Thai people has their operation center in China.

But this call center gang of Chinese that deceived Chinese people to transfer money to them had their operation center in Thailand, and they mostly deceived money from the Chinese, Hong Kong and Singaporean people.

The arrested Chinese call center employees said their job duty required them to make the phone calls to cheat people all the time. Even when they were lying down on the bed to relax, they will have their telephones beside them to keep calling the Chinese people to cheat them.

Pol. Lt. Col. Prathuan continued to say that from initial investigation, all of the arrested Chinese defendants didn’t know the identity of the head of the call center gang, because he never came to the house. But his duty was to withdraw money from ATM machine after the Chinese victims believed the deception and had transferred money to the call center gang accounts.

Right now the Thai police still cannot fully investigate the suspects, because they can speak only Chinese and no other language. However, the police are coordinating with the Immigration Office to coordinate with China in order to let the Chinese victims notify the police and exchange information with Thailand.

All defendants will be notified in an accusation of being foreign people working in the Kingdom without permission, and will be prosecuted further according to the law.

Whether they will be sent to Bangkhen police station, which has jurisdiction in the area, or will be sent to the Immigration Office depends on the coordination of work.

The police raid of the second home was announced by Pol. Maj. Gen. Parinya Jansuriya, Deputy Commissioner; with Pol. Maj. Gen. Naiyawat Phadermchit, Commander, section 4; Pol. Col. Sa-nga Kanphirom, Superintendent; together with detective police team section 4.

The raid occurred at a house at 103/37 Soi Ngarmwongwan 30. Police arrested 9 Chinese, 10 Taiwanese and 3 others, totaling 22 people foreigners.

The suspects were arrested while making the phone calls to cheat victims. The police also seized the home telephone and more than 10 mobile phones. This house belonged to the ex-famous singer, Chen Meuangkhrut, who let the call center gang rent the home for 3 months.

The neighbors told police that they never saw people coming or going from the house, but they always heard the noise of cooking food. They never knew so many people were living in the house.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Parinya said that police initially assumed the ex-famous singer didn’t know that his tenants are a call center gang, since they might have hired other people to rent the 2 houses for them. This call center gang made phone calls from Thailand to cheat the victims in China only.

From inspecting the Chinese conversation notes, police found that the call center workers would cheat the Chinese victims by pretending that they are the Chinese police, and the victims had problems with their credit cards. To correct the problem, the victims had to transfer money in the amount as they specified to the call center’s accounts.

The police will send the suspects to Prachacheun police station in order to prosecute them in an accusation of being foreigners working in the Kingdom without permission. Then police will sent them to the Immigration Office to let them leave the country, and will make the record of their criminal history to forbid them to enter Thailand again.

Pattaya Daily News