Author Topic: Burmese Worker Cuts Baby’s Neck After Beating By Uncle  (Read 756 times)

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Burmese Worker Cuts Baby’s Neck After Beating By Uncle
« on: August 13, 2012, 04:48:59 PM »
A 21-year-old Burmese man cut the neck of an infant girl living in a construction workers camp in Samrong, apparently to avenge a beating by the girl’s uncle. He had earlier attacked the uncle with two swords but was beaten and escaped, only to return later to hurt the girl.

SAMUTPROKARN – August 13, 2012 [PDN]; At 12:30 a.m., Pol. Lt. Col. Thitipong Piwatvuthikul, Inspector on duty, north Samrong police station, Samutprakarn province; was notified by Samutprakarn hospital that a 2-month-old female baby was cut in her neck and severely injured.

He rushed to the hospital with Pol. Col. Sithatkhet Kruwattanaseth, Superintendent, north Samrong police station; and the detective police team. When they reached the scene, the doctor was in an emergency room treating the girl, Jiraporn Sribootwean, age 2-months and 4-days-old. The infant girl had been cut deeply on the right side of her neck.

The doctor had to use the machine to help for her respiration and used the equipment to pull out phlegm from her throat. She was still in a coma and her pulse was getting weaker, so doctors and nurses took care of her closely. They later transferred her to the outside patient building for infant medical treatment on the ninth floor.

Police questioned the girl’s mother, Mrs. Lalita Promnok, age 17. She told police that before incident occurred, she was sleeping with her daughter in an upstairs room in a shelter constructed from two shipping containers.

The shelter was located in Soi Baring 34, Moo 4, Tambon North Samrong, Amphur Muang, Samutprakarn province. It is in a camp of construction workers and ice factory workers. She and her daughter were staying in room number 15.

While Mrs. Lalita and her daughter were sleeping, she heard the noise of quarreling on the ground floor, so she went down to check, leaving her daughter alone. When she went down, she saw her elder brother, Mr. Suwat Promnok, 20, beating a Burmese man, Mr. Po, 21. Then Mr. Po escaped.

So Mrs. Lalita then spent about 20 minutes cleaning up things scattered on the floor from the fighting. When she heard her daughter crying, she went back to her room. When she opened the door of her room, she found Mr. Po was using a razor to cut at her daughter’s neck. She began fighting with Mr. Po, who tried to stab at her belly but failed. The razor sliced her shirt but not her body.

Mr. Po then fled, so Mrs. Lalita hurried to see her daughter. She found that Mr. Po had cut the right side of her neck with a severe wound, so she carried her daughter to a taxi to rush to Samutprakarn hospital. The police team then inspected the girl’s room, and found the bed was full of blood.

Police also woke up Mr. Suwat, who had gotten drunk and was sleeping. During questioning, Mr. Suwat said he had been drinking liquor on the ground floor, when Mr. Po, who had a previous dispute with him, walked in carrying two swords.

Mr. Po swung the swords at him, but the swords did not penetrate Mr. Suwat’s skin, and only left red welts on his back. So Mr. Suwat began punching Mr. Po, who then escaped. Mr. Suwat then went to sleep on the ground floor, not knowing that Mr. Po had returned to get revenge on his infant niece.

The police will rush to follow up to arrest Mr. Po to prosecute according to the law.

She is a 2 month old child ffs what gives with these lunatics
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Re: Burmese Worker Cuts Baby’s Neck After Beating By Uncle
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Perhaps it's Hell that we landed in.

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Re: Burmese Worker Cuts Baby’s Neck Weird reenactment with doll
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Burmese man who cut throat of 2 month old girl arrested.

 Weird reenactment with doll-see pix

Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.